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Private, individual, and family services matter to us here at First Med Alert, Inc. We provide confidential, reliable, and hassle-free solutions in identifying the use of traditional drug, prescription drugs, and alcohol abuse. First Med Alert, Inc. will work with your current Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) in treatment and follow up testing programs. See Non-DOT Testing for Methods and Panels

For over 23 years First Med Alert, Inc. has assisted clients large and small with DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance specializing in FMCSA. From Pointing to Regulations to setting up Trained Collection Facilities across the country, it is our job to help you navigate the 49 CRF Part 40, ODAPC and Part 382 of the FMCSA.

First Med Alert, Inc. offers the following services for DOT “qualified” employers.

  • DOT Checklist
  • Certified TPA
  • DOT Random Selection Program
  • First Med Consortium Program
  • DOT Trained Collectors & Breath Alcohol Technicians
  • SAMPSA Certified Labs
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Post-Accident Testing Assistance
  • Collection Facility Set Up and Management
  • Record Keeping and Reporting Assistance
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • MIS Annual Review
  • One Bill – includes Collection, Lab and MRO fee

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A TPA or a C/TPA, or Consortium/Third Party Administrator (also referred to as a “service agent”), manages all or part of your company’s non-DOT or DOT drug and alcohol testing program. Partnering your company with a TPA means you’re adding an extra level of security to your business. By working with a third-party administrator, you can spend less time finding trained collection facilities, recording random selections, and tracking results.

From Corporate Testing, Court Ordered to Private Screens. Non-DOT testing can consist of many different methods of testing and panels. Let us help design a program to meet your company’s needs and policy requirements.

Already have a TPA and a Lab set up for your company? First Med Alert, Inc. is also a full collection facility located at 312 Roanoke Avenue in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Trained Collectors are ready to serve your employees conducting Urine, Oral Fluid, and Hair collections on your company’s Chain of Custody. Electronic Chains can be ordered as First Med Alert, Inc. is EScreen and FormFox capable.