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First Med Alert, Inc. can come to you! We set up Collection Events at your base of operations, sending trained collectors to complete testing on-site. This saves your company time and money as employees do not have to wait at collection location for hours. First Med Alert, Inc. will work to ensure DOT Collection regulations are met.

A DOT Consortium is a required DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for random selections and administrative compliance for companies with any employee operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle that requires a CDL in intrastate or interstate commerce. Single Owner-Operators are the only companies that must be enrolled in a DOT Consortium. Large and Small companies may choose to be enrolled but may choose to have their own random selection pools.

Is Post-Accident or Post-Incident testing a part of your company’s policy and procedure? Most companies do have post-accident rules and time limits concerning testing. Contact First Med Alert, Inc. to dispatch after-hours to your base of operations or our office.

Whether you’re wondering if you’re the father of a child, not sure who your biological father is, or you just want to check the paternity of your child, a paternity test with DDC and First Med Alert, Inc. can help give you answers. Court Admissible

Contact First Med Alert, Inc. at 866-626-5103 to set up your appointment today.